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  • Office and Sales Coordinator

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    The Office & Sales Coordinator will report directly to Office Management and work daily alongside with the Sales Department in all divisions.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to, attaining maximum utilization of your skills to effectively communicate and coordinate between the client and the sales departments.

    Duties and Responsbilities:

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Assist in answering phones
    • Assist to create tickets in our PSA software
    • Assist to schedule resources to sales as activities, opportunities or tickets in the PSA system
    • Interface with customers to assess their needs for sale requests, escalate to BSC if assistance is needed to satisfy the clients issue
    • Receive deliveries and check in timely equipment into the PSA software
    • Review time for sales personnel to meet requirements and goals
    • Work with Sales Team in customer, vendor & other follow up to ensure items are followed up on for forward progress.
    • Provide accurate reports and metrics to management from sales.
    • Assist with other office/company duties as required.
    • Daily all work performed is to be entered within ConnectWise.
  • Director of Facilities

    10+ years
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    The Director of Facilities directs and manages the daily operations of the Department of Grounds and Building Maintenance staff. The Director needs to be a highly motivated,
    responsible and responsive hands-on manager who will plan, organize, direct, and control all aspects of the Department operations, including building maintenance, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electric, building safety and security, grounds, construction projects and all other facility related management.

    • Hires, schedules, and supervises all building and grounds maintenance staff at the school.
    • Responsible for department personnel management, including performance evaluation, training and development, and discipline.
    • Manages responses to all facility work orders originating from building users, using established processes and develops new processes as appropriate.
    • Prioritization and scheduling of daily workloads and summer projects
    • Schedules and performs regular preventive maintenance on all building systems, including MEP, roofs, finishes, safety and monitoring systems, school vehicles and other equipment.
    • Selects third party maintenance contractors and manages the fulfillment of their contract obligations, including quality control of their work.
    • Organizes, schedules, and supervises all repair and construction projects, with sensitivity to school seasonality, budget realities and operational need.
    • Ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory requirements, including work safety regulations.
    • Oversees inspections of all building systems as needed for compliance (boiler, fire alarms, fire drills, elevators, etc.).
    • Supervise security and fire safety of the campus.
    • Oversee and manage the farm program.
    • Develops an annual operating budget and capital renewal (PPRRSM) budget for facilities department in conjunction with CFO and with approval of the Head of School, and controls facilities expenditures.
    • Oversee the maintenance, inspection, and compliance of school housing.
    • Develops and executes strategy for maintenance and operation of the campus.
    • Collaborates with program and staff leadership, to understand special needs and maintain quality of support to the mission (e.g., academic leaders, food service, athletics, technology, security). Provides facilities support to campus events (e.g., setups and takedowns)
    • Work with the CFO to assure compliance with town, state and federal regulations related to facilities operations.
    • Participates constructively in the strategic development and management of the campus (e.g., master plan, zoning compliance, utilities services, energy management)
    • Ten years of related technical work experience is required, including a minimum of two years’ experience in an educational setting. Related experience could entail construction, plant engineer, or facility management.
    • Communication skills (oral and written) and confidence in conveying information to all types of members of the community, including teachers, administrators, trustees, parents, students.
    • Ability to adapt behavior to function effectively in the institution’s culture.
    • Commitment to the institution’s needs and readiness to respond 24/7/365 as reasonable and necessary.
    • College or trade school degree or equivalent experience required, preferably in one of the following disciplines: Industrial Management, Construction Management, Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or Architecture.
    • Technology user skills sufficient to prepare reports in Excel and Word, and aptitude to operate BAS (building automation system). Related experience with databases sufficient to comfortably apply the CMMS features. Knowledge of Johnson Controls and Fireline system is helpful.
    • Proven personnel management skills and contractor management experience, with aptitude to judge quality of performance in all major technical trades and personal.
      experience in at least one technical trade (carpentry, mechanical, electrical, structural)
  • Client Strategy Advisor

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    As a Client Strategy Advisor, you would be responsible for developing relationships with a portfolio of assigned clients and serving as a trusted advisor to those clients.

    • Developing and maintaining a trusted advisor relationship with key accounts and client executives and liaising between clients and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to the client needs.
    • Ensuring timely and successful delivery of solutions according to client needs and objectives.
    • Organizing and developing benchmarks to show value of service to clients.
    • Conducting monthly check-in calls with all clients.
    • Preparing for and attending quarterly business review with meetings with clients.
    • Ensuring that we are meeting our customer’s expectations by routinely soliciting feedback and then following up on issues until the customer’s needs have been met.
    • BA/BS degree or equivalent
    • Proven account management or other relevant experience
    • Demonstrated ability to communicate, present and influence effectively at all levels of the organization
    • Ability to manage multiple projects at a time while paying strict attention to detail
    • Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation skills
    • Self-motivated with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
    • Familiarity with ConnectWise CRM tool (preferred)
  • Director of Operations

    8+ years of experience
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    As the Director of Operations, you will be responsible for overseeing and optimizing the operational activities of the company. You will play a crucial role in driving efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maximizing profitability. Your strategic thinking, leadership abilities, and strong operational expertise will be vital in managing and improving various operational functions within the organization.



    Team Leadership and Development:

    • Build and lead a high-performing operations team, providing clear direction, guidance, and support.
    • Foster a positive work culture, promoting collaboration, accountability, and continuous improvement.
    • Identify training and development opportunities for team members to enhance their skills and capabilities.

    Operational Strategy:

    • Develop and execute the operational strategy in alignment with the company’s overall goals and objectives.
    • Identify and implement process improvements to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Analyze market trends and competition to identify opportunities for growth and innovation.
    • Explore new markets for growth opportunities while maintaining a strong level of customer service.

    Inventory Management:

    • Manage inventory levels, ensuring adequate supply to meet customer demands while minimizing carrying costs.
    • Collaborate with procurement and suppliers to maintain strong relationships and secure cost-effective inventory.

    Logistics and Distribution:

    • Oversee the logistics and distribution operations, ensuring timely and accurate delivery to customers.

    Quality Control and Customer Service:

    • Establish and maintain quality control standards for condition, cleanliness, and overall appearance.
    • Monitor customer feedback and implement strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Develop and enforce customer service protocols to resolve issues and ensure a positive customer experience.

    Financial Management:

    • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial metrics to drive operational efficiency and profitability.
    • Identify cost-saving opportunities and implement strategies to optimize operational expenses.

    Compliance and Risk Management:

    • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.
    • Identify and mitigate operational risks through effective risk management practices.
    • Implement and maintain robust safety protocols to protect employees and assets.
    • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, operations management, or a related field.
    • Proven experience (typically 8+ years) in operations and warehouse management
    • Strong knowledge of operational processes, inventory management, logistics, and supply chain management.
    • Demonstrated leadership skills with the ability to inspire and motivate teams to achieve operational excellence.
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities to identify and address operational challenges.
    • Effective communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams, customers, and vendors.
    • Proficiency in using technology and software systems for inventory management, logistics, and reporting.
    • Strategic thinking and a results-oriented mindset to drive business growth and profitability.
  • Claims Assistant

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    This position is responsible for supporting our auto damage adjusters and our policyholders. Each assistant will support several different claims per day with incoming calls, processing claims paperwork, scheduling activities for policy holders, processing incoming mail items for the claims you are supporting, in addition to other daily activities. We do this for all states we do business in and for all products – personal auto, motorcycle and commercial auto.


    Attention to detail and ability to multi-task. Excellent communication, organizational and customer service skills. Patience and listening skills – leading to problem solving. Flexibility to work 8:30-5PM.

  • Claims Adjuster

    2 - 5 years of experience
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    This inside position is responsible for conducting liability and coverage investigations, bodily injury and property damage evaluations, as well as successfully negotiating the settlement of first- and third-party injury and property damage claims.

    • Experience adjusting automobile accident claims.
    • Attention to detail and ability to multi-task.
    • Excellent communication, organizational and customer service skills.
    • A high degree of motivation and team orientation.
    • Proficiency with property damage estimates.
    • PC experience with knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook.
    • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent industry experience
  • Policy Services Representative

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    This position is responsible for servicing our agent partners and our policyholders. Each representative service 60-100 incoming calls per day in addition to other daily activities. We assist with questions on policies, billing, coverages, cancellations as well as guidance to our agents on how to accurately quote a policy. We do this for all states we do business in and for all products – personal auto, motorcycle and commercial auto.

    • Math skills required.
    • Attention to detail and ability to multi-task.
    • Excellent communication, organizational and customer service skills.
    • Requires ability to learn and understand insurance program differences between several states and how to process requested policy changes.
    • Patience and listening skills – leading to problem solving.
    • Flexibility to work either an 8:30-5 or 9:30-6pm shift.
    • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent industry experience helpful but not required.

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