Commercial Policy Services Rep


The Commercial Policy Services Rep position falls under the umbrella of the Commercial Auto Underwriting team and maintains underwriting responsibilities. It is an underwriting position; however, this position is not responsible for conducting the formal new business review of policies after they have come in the door.

  • Answer inbound calls from agents and insureds.
  • Have a firm understanding of company’s policy language, coverage offerings and acceptability, and guidelines to best answer questions and concerns from our agent partners and insureds.
  • Our agent partners process endorsement changes/cancelations/etc., so calls from insured’s looking to make changes are referred to the agent.
  • Assist in walking agents through processing changes in the system as needed.
  • Quote review.
  • Fully review quotes (upon request from agent, prior to binding) to verify the quote is rated and entered accurately.
  • Give guidance and process corrections where/when applicable.
  • Review daily ‘tasks’ for correctness and make changes where applicable.

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Endorsement Review
  • Driver adds/deletions, vehicle adds/deletions, coverage changes, etc.
  • Cancelations
  • Review cancelation requests to make sure they are handled in a timely manner and compliant with state and federal guidelines.
  • Messages and emails
  • Agents can contact us through messages on specific policies or sending an email directly. These forms of communication also need to be handled in a timely manner.
  • Document Review
  • Review documentation provided by agents/insureds to verify acceptability as they pertain to discounts and other items.

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